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Teaser Messe Schweissen-Schneiden

WOLTERSDORF Schweissmaschinen
at world's biggest trade fair
"Welding & Cutting"

The SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN exhibition in Dusseldorf was a great success for WOLTERSDORF. We were able to make many new contacts and would like to thank all visitors for their interest and a successful trade fair.


EFRE 2014-2020

Presentation of WOLTERSDORF Schweißmaschinen GmbH at the trade fair "Welding & Cutting". The purpose of the trade fair participation is to maintain existing customer contacts and to attract new customers from home and abroad. The participation at the trade fair was financially supported through European Union.

KLS 600-Compact

KLS 600-Compact

Mobile calibrating unit for welding power sources and universal test machine for welding machines service (repair). Compact calibration device KLS 600 consists of static arc simulator with digital meters for voltage and current measurement, and as an optional, digital hand-held tachometer (HT) for accurate optical and mechanical measurement of wire feed speed. The device is suitable for all standard welding machines.

Basic version KLS 600 is applicable to power sources up to 600a. The range can be extended to 1200A (KLS 1200) by parallel connection of second module A 600. Creation of welding procedure sheets (WPS) is also possible with KLS 600.

Measurements with KLS 600-Compact are compliant with norms IEC 60974, EN 50504, EN 729-2, EN-ISO 17662, DIN EN ISO 9001/9002, DIN EN 1090, DIN ISO 383-2, DVS 0714 and DVS 3009.

Calibration and validation of welding machines is an essential service for the customers. All companies which are working according the norms EN 1090 or ISO 9001/9002, have to calibrate their welding machines once per year.

Datasheet KLS 600-Compact »

Zwischendraht Vorschubgeräte

Perfect solution if distance and accessibility become a problem.

MIG 41 W PUSH/PULL makes bulky and heavy wire feed units superfluous. Wire can be transported up to a distance of 25 m from the basic feed unit (Wire feed through the core of intermediate hose package.)

Key benefits:

  • Longer range (about 90%)
  • Time savings; shorter installation and preparation time (about (75%)
Data sheet - PDF ca. 1,6 MB »

PW 3000

Plasma welding machine with transferred arc technology (PTA) for automated and manual application

Data sheet - PDF ca. 1,6 MB »
Jetzt Neu für Karosserie und Dünnblechschweissen

We have extended our machine program for MIG/MAG welding and MIG brazing in car repair workshops.

From now, WOLTERSDORF Schweißmaschinen offers worldwide, an unbeateble range of car repair welding machines.

Dünnblechschweißen für den Karosseriebau

LÖTMIG 230 C-4

Mono MIG brazing with synergic control and manual MAG welding.

Datasheet LÖTMIG 230 C-4

Lötmig 230


Duo unit for synergic MIG brazing, MAG welding. Aluminium welding with PP100 torch.

Datasheet CARMIG 1000

Carming 1000


Triple unit for MIG brazing, MAG welding and aluminium Welding, completely equipped.

Datasheet CARMIG 2000

Carming 2000


Total programmed triple unit for MIG brazing, MIG aluminium welding and MAG welding. Highest quality, completely equipped.

Datasheet CARMIG 3000

Carming 3000

Impuls 3000

Mono pulsed welding machine, with programmed curves for MIG brazing and aluminium welding in car repair technology.

Datasheet Impuls 3000

Impuls 3000

New wire feed unit for a mobile application
high power, reliable, low weight - applicable to power sources of most brands on the market

  more information about MIG 15 W download-pdf »

  NEW MIG 5 W - Flex ZA
   smallest and world lightest wire feed unit, special for shipbuilding and assembly works
   Flex-ZA, the new generation of interconnection cable Bicox-cable with euro connector
   high pracital value characteristics and quality
   MIG 5 W/Flex ZA
(PDF 165)


Woltersdorf- MMA - welding machines
with remote control in electrode holder

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