Calibration/validation unit

Testing and measuring technology

Calibration/validation unit

Compact calibration unit consists of static arc simulator, with digital meters for voltage and current measurement. Optionally equipped with digital portable tachometer (HT) for measurement of the wire feed speed.

KLS 600 adjustment allows to measure the range of 6-600 A (700 A).

KLS 1200: The seeting is determined by parallel use of two modules from 600 A to 1200 A (1400 A).

Device technology is suitable for calibration and validation of MIG/MAG, MMA, TID DC, Plasma and SAW welding equipment.

KLS can be also used for testing of welding equipment. Arc simulator used as load resistance is designed for testing of welding power sources, like heat test and stability testing. This kind of unit is essential for the modern welding equipment service.

Measurements with KLS conform to DIN EN 60974, DIN EN 50504, DIN EN-ISO 17662, DIN EN ISO 9001/9002, DIN EN 1090, DIN EN ISO 3834-2, DVS 0714 und DVS 3009.



kls-600 kls-1200

KLS 600
Option: trailer with PC box

KLS 1200
on 1200 A welding rectifier



KLS 600
KLS 1200
Einstellbereich 6-600A (700A) 6-1200A (1400A)
Belastung 500A/ 100% 1000A/ 100%
Kühlung selbstkühlend (ohne Ventilatoren) 
Gewicht 30kg 2 x 30kg
Abmessung 600 x 400 x 450mm 2x   600 x 400 x 450mm


Digitalanzeige 0-999,9A DC
0-999,9 A DC
Ausstattung Digitalanzeige beleuchtet, hochauflösend, Hold-Funktion, Run-Funktion 
Genaugikeitsklasse: +/- 0,5% +/- 0,5%
Abmessung 275 x 175 x 65mm 275 x 175 x 65mm


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