Plasma welding / PTA

PW 3000

PW 3000 delivers 20-300 A DC welding current, this is sufficient for all arc welding tasks. PTA welding process employs a constricted high energy plasma arc between a non consumable electrode and the base material, creating a molten weld pool, in an inert gas atmosphere.
Filler material is introduced to the welding arc above the weld pool. This process produces a metallurgically bonded overlay that has better fusion and corrosion properties than mechanically bonded processes.





Spannungsversorgung: 3x400 V / 50-60 Hz
Schutzklasse: IP 23 S
Absicherung: 35 A
Leerlaufspannung: 72 V
Maximaler Schweißstrom: 300 A
Einschaltdauer 40% ED: Plasma: 300 A, Elektrode: 300A
Einschaltdauer 100% ED: Plasma: 200 A, Elektrode: 200A
Einstellbereich Plasma/ Elektrode: 20-300 A
Pilotstrom: 10/5 A
Gewicht: 119 kg (ohne Wasserkühler und Pulverförderer)
Abmessung (LxBxH): 950x485x840 mm (ohne Wasserkühler und Pulverförderer)
Kuhlung: separater Wasserruckkuhler
Pulverzufuhr: separater Pulverförderer


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